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Marvin's Soul

Marvin was a mystery to most people, an enigmatic soul with emotions as deep as the ocean. He had an uncanny ability to remain inscrutable, his thoughts and feelings hidden behind a veil of quiet introspection. Yet, there were moments when glimpses of his inner world surfaced, moments when he allowed others to see his true self.

The Way

"Being happy - it's basically that simple. You feel this immediately. You notice the extreme wave that flows through your body.  Sometimes it is only a very, very short moment. Then you stop, try to conserve the moment.  Sometimes the feeling doesn't stop at all. You are simply happy.  This feeling is pure truth, cannot be deceived, cannot be created. It comes when it wants to. It comes from deep within you.  It shows you your way!" Marvin Dent

Marvin Dent's Blog Emotions, Journey, Hope, Future